RF Fractional PortableThermage -Ref.1448

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RF fractional portable Ref.: 1448


It is a multipolar radiofrequency fractional, RF system through the unique of innovative intelligent peels platform and tips role on the skin, resulting in a different proportion of the thermal effects to heat extensively at skin deep, promote collagen contraction, skin tightening, cellulite reduction.

Can fit individualized treatment programs based on customer demand for different skin;

improve skin texture and gloss,

deep pigment issues, and

treatment of skin lesions. RF

treatment of non-surgical, no depth chemical peel, you can easily get the delicate skin whitening.

Mainly used for the treatment of facial skin tissue sagging (neck),

too many wrinkles, rough skin aging, large pores, pigmentation precipitation,

acne, acne scars, and other issues,

and effectively enhance the eye area, face and neck tissue to reshape the face curve.


RF technology wrinkle removal principle

The natural resistance movement of the subcutaneous tissue to produce heat by RF into the subcutaneous tissue, immediate contraction of collagen after heating at the same time, stimulate the dermal layer to secrete more new collagen contraction and fill vacancies when collagen loss, then bracket again hold up the skin, restoring skin elasticity.

 Rf working

 When the steady stream of produce collagen, so the increase in the thickness and density of the dermal layer of the skin, fill wrinkles, eliminate Scars, restore skin elasticity and gloss, make the skin look white and tender. With the dermal collagen freshmen and rearrange the skin soft bracket. Be present, wrinkles are filled, sagging skin becomes full, compaction, and elastic.

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