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Fractional RF- antiaging-portable


Fractional RF delivers accurate Bipolar RF energy to the skin by a tip built of an array of small pins and returns electrodes to create microscopic thermal zones (MTZ). The RF energy introduces fractional thermal into the deep dermis and creates potential healing effects in the microscopic thermal zones. Undamaged tissue between the electrode pins acted as a “healing server” to accelerate the collagen rebuilding and skin tissues remodeling. Unlike the traditional laser therapy, the majority of the fractional RF energy is focused in the dermis while only a small percentage of the surface is affected, resulting in deep volumetric dermal heating and ultimate result. On the contrary, laser stays large volume on the surface, while only a small amount of energy penetrates deep into the dermis. 
Fractional RF uses the latest RF frequency technology to heat the deep collagen rich layers of your skin. The heat stimulates your body's natural renewal of collagen and promotes the formation of new collagen. Collagen is that miracle your body produces which reduces sagging, renews contours and improves the smoothness and texture of the skin's surface.
The Applications
1.- Remove wrinkles and rejuvenate skin
2.- Remove freckles and whiten skin
3.- Lessen Acne and acne scars
4.- Restore skin elasticity
5.-Improve skin texture
The advantage of RF fractional
1. Non-surgical, non-invasive procedure. 
2. No general anesthesia required. 
3. No downtime allows a return to usual activities without delay. 
4. Gradual improvement in appearance rather than sudden change. 
5. Conservative improvement, which appears natural and not "overstretched". 
6. Costs are much less than comparative surgical procedures for similar benefit.
RF fractional Specifications
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