Ultrasonic Scrubber Portable-Ref.1610

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Product Length: 10.0000IN
Product Width: 8.0000IN
Product Heigth: 3.0000IN
Product Weight: 2.0000LB
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Sales price: $75.00
Body & face scrubber *Tone *Peel *Lift *Clean


Facial or body exfoliator.

4 functions: tone, peel, lift & clean.

Electric vibration stimulates deep cells for collagen production.

It can effectively remove spots, wrinkles, pimples and residues in pores so that your skin looks clean, purified, bright and soften.

Matures skin benefits from the anti-aging effects thanks to exfoliation, which reduces wrinkles and fine lines and stimulates cell regeneration.

Dry and sensitive skin is revitalized, restoring elasticity.

Greasy and problem skin becomes clean and clear. Pores are closed, the skin texture is refined and imperfections are reduced.

Could be used just with water or any water based cream. 

Immediate results, fantastic!! 

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