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Renews and revolutionizes the facial skin care with the life and power of the oxygen



It is one of the most cutting-edge treatments that can be found in the beauty centers is a suitable technique for all skin types and does not produce effects. Oxygen is the source of life. It provides vitality and energy to all cells. the aging process is associated with a decrease in the levels of oxygen in the skin cells. In addition, blood is the liquid carrier of oxygen to supply their fuel systems, stimulating its chemical reactions, and freeing the body from toxins.


  • Reconstruction of the skin, removing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Toning and firmness.
  • Disposal and treatment of acne.
  • Contribution of moisture.
  • Stimulation of collagen production.
  • Suppression of the damage caused by free radicals.
  • Reduction of the pores.
  • Smoothing the stains.
  • Stimulation of microcirculation.
  • Improved elastic fibers.
  • Activation of the immune system.
  • Relaxing and anti-stress effects.
  • Oxidizes bacteria and helps fight acne


acqua accesories

With the airbrush, you can apply doses of vitamins and minerals to improve the

utilization of oxygen in the cells and the elimination of free radicals.


Improved blood flows through the suction massage, facial lymphatic drainage,

stimulates and activates collagen.

Spray oxygen pulsed form, Oxygenate the area and revitalizing skin cells.

2 types of  inhalation of an oxygen-free nitrogen and ionized by at least 92%, at a flow rate of 5 to 30 l / min. you can apply also mask with oxygen for better results

Face lifting using microcurrent to work directly from the muscle

Today is at your fingertips the secret to REVERSE THE PASSAGE OF TIME ... Artists like Madonna does! 

Now you can recover the freshness of your skin.

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