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Led Light Therapy Portable Cabin- robot- Ref:.1483



LED Skin Rejuvenation is the interaction of light, delivered through Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), to activate cell receptors causing them to produce collagen or multiply. Is a Phototherapy device utilizing specific wavelengths of light, produced by light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to treat multiple skins problems These wavelengths are able to pass through tissue up to 1 inch deep 

LEDs offer a totally natural, non-ablative, painless, a method for skin rejuvenation. The light from the LEDs interacts with cells and stimulates them to produce new collagen and elastin. Studies confirm that the same LED energy can be used to inhibit collagen formation, which can be helpful in the treatment of scars. By manipulating the wavelengths, cells can be turned on and off.

Blue light LEDs are used in the treatment of acne.

Red light LEDs are used for PhotoDynamic therapy, activating blood circulation. 

Green LED light has a calming effect and has been proven to assist in reducing melasma and other skin discolorations.

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RED LIGHT:            625nm Collagen stimulation, elastin production, skin texture, and tone improvement. Fine lines and wrinkle reduction.           

BLUE LIGHT:         415nmAcne treatment, reduce inflammation, shrink enlarged pores.

Blue and red light combination phototherapy are effective, safe, and nonpainful treatment reducing inflammation and killing the bacteria that causes breakouts while reducing the inflammation, pimples, and redness associated with acne. In a matter of weeks, the skin appearance improves in a safe, proven, and effective.

GREEN LIGHT:     520nm Reduces pigmentation through penetration into base skin layers.

3 basic colors that can be used combined into 7 colors to get the most benefits at the same time in any skin condition.



  • Seven types of specific light source for clinical treatment; (Red, Blue, Green, Red+Blue, Red+Green, Green+Blue)
  • Non-risk of burning with Safe optical technology;
  • Large treatment area within short-time therapy;
  • No need for special care after treatment;
  • For different types of skin, no side effects;
  • Easy to use, no need for professional personnel;
  • Comfortable, painless,non-invasive, and no downtime
  • Stable and continuous work; no other special consumable materials;
  • A wide range of applications for spas.

Safe, Effective, and Proven to treat acne



The coloring wavelengths penetrating deeply enough to kill the bacteria that causes breakouts, while reducing the inflammation, pimples, and redness associated with acne, improving the skin appearance in a few weeks.

Benefits :

1. Alleviate oily acne.
2. Anti-aging, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin with a healthy glow.
3. Improve pigments such as aging spots or freckles.
4. Toning and tightening of the facial skin, great for mature skin lacking elasticity.
5. Traumatized skin such as the pigment lesion or burn caused by IPL treatment.


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