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Laser diode La Scala Ice 2 handles hair removal and IPL with RF - Item 1584 (755nm + 808nm + 1064nm)


  Thinking about the comfort and convenience of our clientele for reasons of space, organization, and use of work time, we present this laser equipment for total facial hair removal or in any part of the body and incorporating a second handle with IPL and RF for aesthetic treatments of the skin, the perfect combination in a single unit, without taking up physical space in your aesthetic room and without having to move your client from one place.

   Fully computerized display with language to choose from English-Spanish or another language.


1- Handle with Diode Laser Hair Removal 3-way multiple waves: 755 + 808 + 1064   

 2- IPL and RF handle.

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                Laser la Scala Hair Removal display

   1- Scala Ice Diamond laser hair removal is based on the principle of photo thermodynamics, human skin is a relatively light-transmitting structure, using the power of the skin to transmit the light this powerful laser can get gently deep into the skin and reach the follicle where the hair grows targeting directly to the melanin which is a natural pigment that determines the color of the hair which absorbs a large amount of laser energy and converts it into thermal energy, triggering an increase in temperature in the hair follicle, destroying it and eliminating its ability to regenerate, thus achieving definitive hair removal. 

   Multiple wavelength diode laser equipment for permanent hair removal

   Utilize multiple laser equipment technologies in one package. 

   Laser Hair removal ICE power  

 Laser Hair Removal working principle

Laser how it works


Laser hair removal display


  The system uses the optimal epilation wavelength of the diode for deep penetration into the dermis where the hair follicle is located. In the treatment procedure, a series of low fluidity, and high repetition of pulses increases the temperature of both the hair follicle and the tissue of the environment to 45 degrees centigrade.

   This heat energy absorbed directly by the hair follicle damages the follicle and prevents it from growing again.   

   The temperature rises enough to irreversibly damage the structure of the hair follicle, which disappears after a period of natural physiological processes of the follicle and therefore achieves the purpose of permanent hair removal.



  The treatment head is water-cooled during work to reduce the pain of the patient during treatment and reduce postoperative side effects such as local skin.   

   The handle cools the skin through the metal cap on the front of the handle.   

   The treatment head's temperature will drop to 0℃~-5℃ during the treatment by the equipment.                 

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Including tip head for nose hair, eyebrows, hairline, fingers, and other small areas:
                                          Laser hair removal small tip
 The diode laser hair removal system uses the most advanced technology in laser hair removal that penetrates better, has better performance, and clinical results, safely.
1-High energy: excellent treatment results can be expected at the first treatment for all types of hair.
2-Long laser width:  Effective for the hair follicles to produce heat accumulation and permanent hair removal.
3-Safety: Will does not burn or scar skin
4-The powerful Sapphire touch cooling system cools the skin so the whole process is painless.
5-Quick: This new technology is 5 times faster than the original hair removal lasers.
6-The best thermostatic water cycle system guarantees semiconductor pump won’t overheat.
  2- IPL with RF Handle       
        Five working modes to choose from: 
        - Acne 
        - Pigmentation 
        - Vascular   
        - Wrinkles and rejuvenation   
        - Hair removal
IPL therapy is considered a non-ablative resurfacing technique, which means that it targets the lower layers of skin (dermis) without affecting the top layers of skin (epidermis). 
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    With the ability to choose the wave of a single shot or several shots at the same time.

   Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a kind of high-intensity source of broadband coherent light These properties allow IPL to have wide applications for ablative resurfacing therapy, which is based on the theory of selective absorption of human skin tissue and photo thermolysis light sources. Meanwhile, IPL photorejuvenation technology is more efficient and offers patients less downtime than conventional therapies for aged and photodamaged skin.

   IPL systems work on the same principles as lasers in that light energy is absorbed into particular target cells with color (chromophores) in the skin. having a wavelength range of 500 nm- to 1200 nm. The light energy is converted to heat energy, which causes a specific result to the target area. IPL systems are different from lasers in that they deliver many wavelengths (or colors) in each light pulse instead of just one wavelength. Most IPL systems use filters to refine the energy output for the treatment of certain areas. This enhances penetration without using excessive energy levels and enables the targeting of specific chromophores (these are skin components that absorb light). 

IPL is a gentle treatment for killing acne-causing bacteria and red scars related to it with varying wavelengths of light when in contact with the treatment area are converted to heat, killing the bacteria and building collagen to repair acne scars, these changes are produced at a deeper level without damaging the skin around.
 The wavelengths of IPL can be used to alleviate redness, inflammation, pimples, and uneven skin tones associated with this skin condition.
For the treatment of age spots, freckles, flat pigmented birthmarks, and other skin discoloration problems such as melasma/chloasma and erythromelanosis of the neck (poikiloderma of Civatte).
Light pulses target the melanin in the skin’s surface which heats and destroys melanin to remove the discoloration.

 For the treatment of spider and thread veins, and some vascular birthmarks.

Light pulses targeted the red pigment (hemoglobin) in the blood which heats and destroys the pigment without affecting the skin or other tissues.



For the treatment of unwanted hair.

Light pulses targeted at the hair follicle cause the hair to fall out and prevent further growth. Generally ineffective for light-colored hair.

May be used for hair in any location including underarms, bikini line, face, neck, back, chest, and legs.



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