Steamer Ozone Facial BASIC- Ref.:1460

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Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Length: 36.0000IN
Product Width: 16.0000IN
Product Heigth: 12.0000IN
Product Weight: 24.0000LB
Product Packaging: 9999.9999KG
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Sales price: $220.00
Ozone Facial Steamer professional



Includes Ozone function to help steam and sterilize the face.

The steamer has two switches, one to activate the power and the other to activate the ozone.

Timer and automatic Shut-off function when the water lervel gets too low.

Twistable arm: Turns Clockwise, Counter Clockwise.

Wheels for easy movement and adjustable height.

Auto shut-off when water level is low 
Cleans impurities and excess oil on skin surface.
Eliminates skin disorder such as acne.
Can be used for sensitive skin.

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