Easy Portable Steamer Ref.:1461

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Product Code:Ref.1461

Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Length: 9.0000IN
Product Width: 12.0000IN
Product Heigth: 7.5000IN
Product Weight: 3.3000LB
Product Packaging: 9999.9999KG
Base price: $75.00
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Sales price: $60.00
For Facials, cleaning,open pores


For Facials, cleaning,open pores
This portable steamer goes anywhere
Independent steam/ozone switches
Flexible nozzle can be directed as needed

Feautures 90 degree rotating wand and steamer spout

Aromatherapy reservoir
Automatic safety shut-off
20 min steaming action
Used to improve skin conditions: acne, roseacea, stretch marks, dark circles and aging skin.
Provides facial toning and vascular toning and vascular stimulation.
Power 450W

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