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Mesotherapy Needle-free


5 technologies in one :EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation), Mesoporation, Electroporation, RF( Radio Frequency), LED

An essential tool for the realization of facials favoring the correct absorption of the applied products and conditioning the skin to obtain optimal results according to the type of treatment without the necessity of needles, like before technologies.
Needle-free injection is a kind of high-effective, woundless and safe treatment. It uses a pulsed low-frequency electric current to deliver active ingredients into the skin. By electrophoresis technique, it can easily break the layer and open the entrance of cells membrane to promote absorption, completely taking place of the traditional needle injection which may cause pain and wound, reaching an absorption effect 2000 times more than it by normal operations.



Four elements are used to ensure that the electrical current works randomly and stimulates the muscle tissue very gently causing a secondary muscular movement that preserves the skin's elasticity and suppleness



Introducing beauty essence into your skin

This beauty machine is used for collagen injection without a needle. Macromolecular components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid cannot easily penetrate the deep layer of the skin from the surface. But with our special technology called "Electroporation," you can achieve a high level of effectiveness without any pain.


Nutrition import penetration compared with ions from the skin surface is1mm about 10 times, 4mm about 27 times. The active ingredients into the skin can guarantee. Which can function efficiently, so you really feel the skin improvement and delay aging effect.


For detoxification, lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation. Electrical energy tends to follow the shortest distance between the two electrodes. When electricity runs through living tissue the high energy flow generates heat as a characteristic of the electrical energy and the resistance to electricity by the living tissue. This is another feature of Dr. Arrivo that adapts electricity to be gentle on the skin.


For treatment of acne lesions. It works efficiently without damaging the skin by using an especially sensitive LED light developed exclusively for beauty equipment.

1: Red light 
Wavelength: 620nm (10nm) 
can effectively dilute the dark circles and bags under the eyes. 
 2: Green light
Wavelength: 520nm (10nm) 
Restrain excessive melanin production, and make the skin more white. 
 3: Blue light 
Wavelength: 620nm (10nm) 
Anti-inflammatory calm shrink pores, apply to acne or greasy skin. 
4: Yellow light 
Wavelength: 590nm (10nm) 
Carry bright color of skin, adapted to the spots and dark skin. 
5: Pink light 
Wavelength: 700nm (10nm) 
Whitening the skin, suitable for skin darker skin. 
6: Pink flashing light 
Wavelength: 700nm (10nm) 
Strengthen the infiltration of hairdressing fluid or gels. 
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