Hydra Acqua Skin Microdermabrasion-Ref.: 1494

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Hydra Acqua Skin Microdermabrasion - 7 Handles- Ref: 1494


3 in 1 newest technology
Better than Microdermabrasion
Skin Plumping & Hydrating
Restored Skin Volume
Renewed Youthful Glow
Increased Collagen
Reduced hyper-pigmentation
Improved Skin Cell Production
Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles
Safe for ANY skin type!
Seven handles
Hydro Dermabrasion for face
The hydra dermabrasion, also called Wet dermabrasion, Water dermabrasion, is the same process of exfoliation. However, instead of crystals hitting the skin with pressure, the machine uses a diamond head tip that exfoliates as the tip across the skin. The machine also uses special serums that are being pushed into the deeper layers of the skin while the exfoliation process is going on. So patients will experience both suction, exfoliation, and wetness from the serums.
This RF device pertinently delivers BIO thermal energy by transforming high-frequency energy 50-65℃; recovers cell functions increases blood circulation, degrades fats, normalizes hormone balance by inducing expansion of blood vessels and elevating the temperature of tissue; promotes the revitalization of collagen by stimulating; it is a cutting edge device that heals the balance of the face and body. 
100 million to 300 million times per second ultrasonic frequency, the transmission process of the body, being the skin, dermis, subcutaneous tissue of the absorption, the absorption of ultrasonic waves into heat, ultrasonic Thermal effects of biological tissue temperature increased slightly ( 0.5~1.0℃ ), to promote capillary Function of blood vessels and the flow of lymph cells, nutrients needed to help the cells transport to the capillaries, promote metabolism. Close to the skin surface without capillary blood parts of the tube, instead of lymph blood flow that can help to change the flow of lymph have rough skin look, promote metabolism. And to assist the low lymph, and maintain healthy skin. Maintain skin elasticity / break down fat and prevent obesity. 100 million times per second ultrasonic vibration transferred to the organization, the organization will produce along with ultrasonic vibrations per second, one million times Slight vibration. Slight vibration stimulates biological tissue and skin tissue relieves tension, maintains skin elasticity, the heat generated by vibration easier, and helps prevention of obesity.
The water & oxygen jet facial machine uses oxygen under extreme pressure and water, takes tiny water drops, through spray-type to act on the skin. It can penetrate nutrient components to pores and skin cracks from the epidermis to the dermis layer, then promote the rebirth of cells, rapidly and directly supply rich nutrients to the skin. Simultaneously, it can clear deep dirt in the epidermis. The oxygen of extreme pressure and nutrient liquid can stimulate the rebirth of fiber tissue in the dermis, and make cells metabolize. So as to improve skin dark, yellow, chloasma, get a good effect of wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation and etc.
It can treat: Blackhead Acne, Stain, Pouch Removal, Dried-up, Wrinkle, Forehead, Moisturizing, Rough, Dull, Loose, Skin whitening  
Using the world’s advanced PSA ( pressure swing adsorption principle ), at room temperature, power, and instantaneous separation from the air can be continuously high concentrations and clean sterile medical oxygen while achieving oxygen, Oxygen, and oxygen atomizing spray three functions into one, comprehensive and thorough solution the body, the skin hypoxia problem. The activity of 98% of oxygen and nutrients essential to promote through pulse-type deep into the skin, effectively Accelerated into cellular metabolism. Instant recovery of healthy skin, moisturize and shine.
- Hot surface temperature of up to 42 
- Cold surface temperature of the device can be set to 0
- Make face skin tight, smooth and delicate
- Enhance blood circulation, metabolism, and relaxation
- Strengthens collagen and enhances elasticity
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