Laser Tattoo Removal - Ref.1197

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Laser Tattoo Removal - Ref.:1197


The laser tattoo removal has 3 tips with different scopes at the dermal level used for different aesthetic treatments.
1-Tattoo removal
2- Tattooed eyebrows, birthmarks, pigmentation
3-Skin rejuvenation, carbon Hollywood peel
Using focused beams of light, the laser heals skin imperfections, restoring its natural balance, freshness, and shine. The appearance of marks, spots are noticeably lightened as the skin begins to rejuvenate.
                                                            Tatto removal uses          
Tatto removal process.JPG
1. Removal of eyebrow line, eye line, lip line...etc
2. Removal of tattoo (Red, blue, black...etc)
3. Clean speckle, black naevus, fleck, age spots...etc
4. Removal of vascular lesion and spider vessel...etc
Working handles:
   532nm Tattoo removal tip              1.532nm: for treatment of epidermal pigmentation such as freckles, eyebrow tattoo, failed eye line tattoo body tattoo, lips line, solar lentigines, epidermal melasma, etc
 51064 nm Tattoo removal tip              2. 1064nm: for treatment of tattoo removal, dermal pigmentation, age spots, birthmark, remove all the colors, and treating certain pigmentary conditions such as Nevus of  Ota and Hori’s.
  1320nm Tattoo removal tip             3. 1320nm: black doll treatment or Laser carbon peel treatment for blackhead removal, skin tightening and whitening, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, shrink pores, acne treatment. Is used for Carbon  Laser rejuvenation treatment.
    *  Long-lasting results
    *   Delivers porcelain doll-like finish to the skin.
    *   Restores the skin balance
    *    Leaves the skin fresh, clear, even, and glow with remarkable diminished dark spots.
    *    No downtime.
    *    2 to 6 treatment sessions for incredible results.
 RESULTS of Tatto Removal:
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