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RF Portable Face & Body Collagen immediate results! Face lift


The Radio Frequency Machine Ref. 1451

The facial radio frequency energy is applied through the skin and put it in the deep zone of the dermis is a " Facelift without surgery " to combat wrinkles and sagging facial contours and improves definition Gill. Results in a strong, firm skin without sagging.

Is an innovation in the non- abrasive treatment, not affect the outer layer of the skin. Increasing the temperature in the dermis with the application of electromagnetic waves which cause heat intradermal fibroblast stimulating, improving blood circulation, and enhance the regeneration of collagen tissue and skin elasticity is achieved.


The benefits that you get with this innovative treatment is :

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Refines skin tone,

Increases the elasticity of the skin,

Improves acne scarring,

Reduces double chin

Shrinks the pores

Pale spots

Firms skin

Generates new collagen formation in the skin instantly!!

 Now you can see it younger!

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